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Origin: Boston, MA

Genres:  US Power Metal


Years Active:  2022- Present


Label:  Metal on Metal Records




The band formed in 2022, starting with a songwriting collaboration between members of Meliah Rage & Steel Assassin. Both bands made their initial mark on the metal scene in the 1980’s & 1990’s.  Meliah Rage joined the Epic Records roster with touring in Europe and the USA. Steel Assassin joined the roster of Sentinel Steel Records in the USA and High Roller Records in Germany. The new Kingdom of Tyrants project is the result of a true synergy between veteran players, all with a true passion for metal. The band is very pleased to announce their joining the roster of Europe’s Metal on Metal Records.


What the press are saying:

Power Metal

(German Review)

Saiten Kult

(German Review)

"An extremely straight traditional power metal sound is the most attractive old man metal big explosion sound product!!"

Rock Stakk

(Japanese review)

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Metal On Metal Records:

Drawing heavily on the mythology and history of mankind, their debut album brings their take on classic heavy metal mixed with a dose US power. This masterwork shows a wide breadth of distinct, remarkable and consistently heavy songs with driving rhythms, catchy melodies and plenty of hooks. The rhythm section represents a bombast of anger and furious beauty, the riffs are massive and the inspired leads exude pure talent and class. Atop of this foundation, Munro's powerful bellow evokes the alpha wolf lusting after the thrill of the hunt.

To get an idea what to expect, check the video teaser featuring an excerpt from the track "Daedalus" which will be released in this rough mix version on the label's new compilation CD Compendium of Metal Vol. 15 in September 2022.

Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 16-42-29 La Hora Del Rock _ Rebel Heart con Paco Jimenez on Apple

Listen to Kingdom of Tyrants - Judas Gate at the  1 hour 25 minute mark


Set List

Tech Rider


Label: Metal on Metal Records, Jowita |


Management: Rudy Childs |


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