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Contemporary old school: US Metal with a taste! Anyone who knows a tiny bit about US Metal will have already stumbled across the band names STEEL ASSASSIN and MELIAH RAGE - both bands have released formidable stuff in the past. If you want to listen to something clever again, you should definitely check out 'War Of The Eight Saints' by the steel assassins or MELIAH RAGE's 'Kill To Survive'. Now the guitar duo of STEEL ASSASSIN has joined forces with the singer and drummer of the other band and a bassist I hadn't noticed before and quietly and secretly founded KINGDOM OF TYRANTS in 2021. Almost two years later we have the debut with "Architects Of Power", which is released on the tasteful label Metal On Metal. With these signs, the basic musical orientation is already clear before the first listen. There's powerful old-school US Metal, dominated by juicy guitars, driving rhythms and a singer who could win a yodel duel with a moose with his roaring voice. If only people in Elchhausen knew what yodelling is. But let's leave that. The guitar team Kevin Curran/Mike Mooney already makes it clear in the opening 'Unforgotten Souls' that they lead the regiment on this album with iron strings and the listener is immediately in headbanging maniac mode. Not too fast, but with enough pressure on the pumping rhythm section, this number rolls through the living room in a wonderfully brutal way. The fact that Mike Munro pulls out all the stops of his skills during the short chorus increases the enthusiasm. On top of that, the almost eerily mystical end passage pleases the ear with calmer sounds. A tailor-made start! While some bands put their secret hit at the beginning of the album, the really great numbers of KINGDOM OF TYRANTS follow later. For me, the block in the middle of this consistently strong album is particularly outstanding. Beginning with the band's anthem 'Kingdom Of Tyrants', which mutates into an immediate highlight simply because of its incredibly moving melody. It actually doesn't need a "Yeah-Yeah-Yeah" chant from Mister Munro to involuntarily press the inner karaoke button. The wonderful stereo effects of the two guitarists are convincing across the board. What a rat-sharp projectile! The following 'Ghosts Of Industry' then shows the slightly progressive side of the band, which also makes this number an absolute treat for the ears. During the acoustic intro, Mike immediately convinces with a calmer background. His throaty voice just gives me goosebumps right away. If you then gallop ahead in the further course of the song, the horses seem to be on a demanding zigzag course. The lively moments alternate elegantly with solemn elements and make this song shine as an absolute monument. 'The Judas Gate' pleases from the first riff on with extremely lively sounds. Massive rhythms rule here under a wall of guitars, so that the listener automatically gets into marching mode. Sensational! The no less fantastic 'Masque Of The Red Death' is a lot faster, with Mike proving here that he can also master higher pitches very well. Again and again short solo spots of both guitarists flash and loosen up the riff massacre without disturbing the listening flow. bomb. Finally, 'Metal Or Die' is another really big one. What else should you expect with such a catchy song title? Even! A few lines above I rambled on about the mid-section of the album containing the highlights, and now I've been gushing right through to the last song. I almost do the unmentioned numbers 'Daedalus', 'Diabolical' and 'War Machine' a little wrong not to mention them separately. But I think it should have become clear to all friends of such sounds that this album should be one of the must-attend events this year. Because: Metal Or Die!

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