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Architects Of Power is the debut from the Boston, MA band which includes Steel Assassin guitar duo Kevin Curran and Michael Mooney, and vocals from by Mike Munro (ex-Meliah Rage). Kingdom Of Tyrants is the spirit of US ‘80s traditional metal legends like Savatage, Armored Saint and Metal Church, both musically and aesthetically; lead off track "Unforgotten Souls" is carried by the riff, a strong voice, and melodic break post solo. 

Distorted guitars fade in on "Daedalus" then setting into a mid-tempo, while "War Machine"’s crunchy riff and rhythm reminds me of German power metallers Primal Fear.  Pace picks up like an Anvil song for "Diabolical", vocal follows the riffs with a triumphant drive in the namesake. 

Voice is melodic and clean with less grit briefly for "Ghost Of The Industry" before moving into a Maiden-ish type gallop and movement, within the eight minutes a balance between acoustic guitar and heavier sections. Really killer musical piece and one of the two best of the bunch that even includes a Mercyful Fate like riff and progressive change using dynamics with power. 

Slower pace on "The Judas Gate", "Masque Of Red Death" (one of my favorite Edgar Allen Poe stories, and movie with Vincent Price) is retold in a classic metal form with dueling guitars like the first few vicious Rumors albums, excellent shredding.  "Metal Or Die", really, another band are using that word "metal" again? Includes backing chants for impact.

Overall enjoyable. There is a whole new generation of younger bands carrying the torch for traditional heavy metal forged by the architects from the ‘80s, but it's good to hear it from the perspective, reconfiguration of a couple from the old guard too

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