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A Boston Metal Story


Original singer for the thrash - power metal band Meliah Rage formed in 1987, releasing several albums on Epic Records.  Mike has been singing in various bands over the last decades from Blues, Hard Rock to Christian Metal. He works as a union carpenter in Boston, MA and always has the support of his family.  Mike has proven himself a powerful vocalist and has loved reconnecting with friends and fans in the metal word. 

Mike Munro
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Mike Mooney

Mike has been a member of the veteran heavy metal band Steel Assassin since 1982, with 4 full length albums and several overseas stints. He also plays for the band Moonstruck, Vagabond Kings (Thin Lizzy Tribute) and performs and tours with Ornament (TSO Tribute) during the holiday seasons. Mike resides in Taunton, MA with his wife and family.

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Stuart Dowie
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Drummer for Boston thrash/power metal band Meliah Rage signed to epic records in 1988 releasing eight studio albums and one live album 1988 Kill to survive,1989 live kill,1990 Solitary Solitude, 2006 The Deep and Dreamless sleep ,2010 Masquerade ,2011Dead to the world, 2014 Warrior ,2015 Before the kill, and 2018 

Idol Hands on Metal-on-Metal records. Also, Notable videos, beginning of the end, debut on MTV 's headbangers ball, the Witching MTV's headbangers ball, Hourglass, Undefeated, Halo of Flies, Dark as Your Thoughts are gaining huge numbers of views on YouTube. Has also played in the Boston metal band Bad Karma recording three tracks on the disc, Death Has No Calling Card. Currently playing in new band Kingdom of Tyrants, releasing debut album Architects of power in April 2023 on Metal-on-Metal records, with 2 videos from the album, Unforgotten Souls and Ghosts of Industry. Both videos partially featured within the mini documentary, “A Boston Metal Story”. Stuart plays Ludwig drums and Zildjian cymbals. Main influences are John Bonham, Neil Peart, Ian Paice, and Tommy Aldridge.

Kevin Curran

Playing in the Boston metal scene in the early 1980’s, Kevin launched a lifelong endeavor into guitar playing with Assassin, covering NWOBHM classic metal before the genre inundated US shores. The band later morphed into all original power metal band Steel Assassin. In 2005 the band was signed to Sentinel Steel Records, releasing their hallmark “War of the Eight Saints”, with supporting shows at the Keep it True Festival in Germany, the Play it Loud Festival in Italy and the Warriors of Metal Festival in the USA. Kevin’s other projects include the Whiskey Saints, Vagabond Kings (Thin Lizzy Tribute) and Murder One (Motorhead Tribute). Kevin uses Gibson guitars and Marshall amplification.

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Dave Liolios

Taking up bass at the age of 11, with a booming voice, boisterous laugh, and bold playing style. If you looked up “rock bassist” in the dictionary, you might just find a picture of Dave Liolios. Spanning 4 decades of playing, Dave’s been involved in numerous Boston area bands including the Whiskey Saints and played on dozens of recordings as a session bassist.

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