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A collaboration between STEEL ASSASSIN and MELIAH RAGE is primarily an interesting affair. Because here we have the guitar duo of STEEL ASSASSIN and the vocalist plus drummer of MELIAH RAGE in a new band called KINGDOM OF TYRANTS. So the direction should be clear: US Power Metal! Mike Munro was able to add even more charisma to his organ over time. His slightly nasty voice fits like ass on bucket. Songs like the galloping opener "Unforgotten Souls" or the somewhat convoluted "Ghosts Of Industry" make you sit up and take notice. The band's anthem "Kingdom Of Tyrants" makes us raise our fists and at the latest with "The Judas Gate" we are naked! Another highlight for me is "Masque Of The Red Death". A headbanger number par excellence. All in all a very solid album, not a high flyer. But worlds better than all the fuck that's been thrown up in terms of releases lately. Metal On Metal Records already have a clue! (Ralf)

8 / 10

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