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Kingdom of Tyrants US Power Metal band, est. 2022

Kingdom of Tyrants was formed in 2022 by long time Steel Assassin guitar partners Kevin Curran and Mike Mooney. They called on good friend and session artist Dave Liolios to anchor the bass position. In need of a drummer, longtime friend Tony Nichols of Meliah Rage suggested using Stu Dowie. As Meliah Rage was on hiatus at the time, Stu accepted. Then came the task of finding a singer. Contemplating ideas for a fitting lead vocalist for the project, Liolios reached out to Mike Munro, a retired member of Meliah Rage. Munro immediately and enthusiastically accepted. Once the rumor of the band’s formation spread, they were signed to a record deal with Metal On Metal Record in Italy. Ahead came the daunting task of completing an album. Many months were spent collaborating on songs that didn’t sound like Steel Assassin or Meliah Rage but rather a “hybrid” brand of power metal, which culminated with the debut record “Architects of Power”. Once the album was completed, veteran music documentarian Rudy Childs joined with the band to produce two music videos that could showcase the band's spirit and talent. The two distinctly different videos are set to be released April 15th along with a mini documentary about the band.

Brave Words

Amazing new band I’m discovering today. These guys are definitely at the forefront of the N.W.O.U.S.P.M. (New Wave of US Power Metal)

Rude Armadillo

"Best thing I’ve heard in a long time. Classic US power metal that utilizes progressive elements. Boston’s finest at work"

The 14th Order

"ABSOLUTELY WICKED  Powerful I love it, way to go boys keep rocking, did not disappoint, true metal, wow just wow.  5 skulls"

Life on 2 Wheels

Limited Supply Available

Kingdom of Tyrants is a US Power Metal band est. 2022

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