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US Metal in the upper quality level

8 out of 10

German to English translation:

The small label Metal on Metal Records from Italy is always around the corner with one or the other metal pearl! That's what happened with the albums of the unfortunately dissolved SACRED GATE or now with the debut album "Architects of Power" by the Boston US metallers KINGDOM OF TYRANTS. The guys are old hands in the business and consist of ex MELIAH RAGE members Mike Munro and Stu Dowie or STEEL ASSASSIN guitarists Kevin Curran and Michael Mooney. The first video singles suggested great US Power Metal with a great production, and that's how it happened, I'll anticipate something right now 😉 But step by step! Let's start with the album opener "Unforgotten Souls". Typical US Metal awaits us here. There are crisp riffs, a rich groove and Mike Munro's great singing is enthroned above all. Glad he's back in action! A perfect opener that immediately makes you want more and immediately casts a spell over friends of the genre. “Daedalus” that follows might not be quite as compelling as the opener, but it does have its moments. In the middle part the guys really get going and throw out one hit after the other! It starts with the introductory groover "War Machine". The crisp "Diabolical" then leads to perhaps the best songs on the album in the form of the title track "Kingdom of Tyrants" and "Ghost of Industry". Both are somehow typical US Metal and somehow not… in any case nicely diversified which shows what great songwriting talent is at the start here. Then there was the first-class performance on the instruments and, above all, Mike's singing again, just great! Especially "Ghost of Industry" is really very impressive I have to say! But if you think you've shot your gun, you're wrong, the last third is also absolutely convincing and with the future live bombardment "Metal or Die" an album comes to an end which offers US Metal in the upper quality level. Of course, the musicians involved already say it, US Metal drips from every fiber of the song and with Mike Munro they have one of the top singers in this field in their ranks! Then there is the great middle part, which contains the best songs on the disc. All in all, there is a crystal-clear purchase recommendation for the inclined target group and I hope the troupe will soon be heard from again!


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